The time that we were all expecting has come and we are excited to announce the winners of the CREATIVE DIALOGUES Open Call!

This marks a significant milestone in the PALIMPSEST journey, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the proposals, ideas and concepts we received. A heartfelt thank you to all the participants!

We wish we could put into action all projects and ideas but as this is not feasible, here are the 3 proposals we selected:

“The Songs of Nearby Earth” is a project that aims to approach the territory and landscape of Jerez de la Frontera through artistic and design practices integrating popular knowledge, landscape practices, local cultural expressions and emblematic elements such as ceramics, viticulture and flamenco. 

Inspired by the flamenco zambombas rituals, the project seeks to open spaces for reflection and landscape transformation. It promotes creative actions that use local materials (clay, vines, glaze from pruning wastes,…), refer to localised practices, adopt a context-sensitive approach and work hand in hand with the communities and their cultural expressions,  exploring new trends in their relation with the landscape and the on-going energy transition. 

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The awarded project, “Freedom Flow: Be like Water,” by Mona El Batrik, proposes artistic installations in the Księży Młyn area for filtering water, cleaning air, and regenerating soil hybridising nature-based methods and vernacular approaches. With a central focus on co-designing with the local community and government representatives,, the project aims to nurture connections with nature and to co-creating long lasting scenery of human-nature interaction. Highlighting a practical approach to regeneration, the outcome will integrate low-tech filtering systems by using natural materials and a design philosophy that supports sustainability.

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Acqua Lambro is a multi-layered project that explores an “impossible idea”: making the water of the Lambro River drinkable. The project aims to reset the collective imagination through a series of provocative, co-created artistic actions, that include: the design of a “purification machine” (a cross between a functioning DIY prototype and a temporary art installation/performance), the bottling of purified river water in hand-made glass bottles, and a marketing campaign for an imaginary mineral water brand, Acqua Lambro. Acqua Lambro gives the public a chance to witness and interact with the river and makes visible the fact that, despite centuries of abuse, the Lambro’s quintessential “water-ness” can be restored. The water-filled bottles are artworks that can travel widely and be exhibited as the essence of the Acqua Lambro project. Acqua Lambro will plant a powerful image in the minds of those who encounter it, an “impossible” image that can be the motor for real, sustainable change.

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Congratulations to the selected projects! We are eager to work together on your inspiring ideas and concepts and shape the future for PALIMPSEST landscape pilots!

We will immediately start to plan the Residential Workshops taking place according to the following calendar: 

  • April 2nd to 9th in Jerez
  • May 17th to 24th: in Lodz
  • June 17th to 23th in Milan

Stay tuned! News on the Jerez Residential WS will follow soon!