The PALIMPSEST Residential Workshop in Jerez de la Frontera recently concluded its first session, offering participants a rich tapestry of experiences, insights, and collaborative endeavours over the course of one week. From immersive walks in stunning landscapes to deep dives into local traditions and contemporary art forms, the programme provided a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and creative exploration.

The official commencement of the workshop was marked by European partners and artist arriving in Jerez where they were warmly welcomed by the local team and authorities at the City Hall. Attendees delved into Estelle Jullian’s artistic proposal “The Songs of Nearby Earth,” laying the groundwork for a co-creation experiment that would unfold in the days to come. A picturesque walk through the Albariza soil, vineyards, and windmills inspired the artistic endeavours ahead. Discussions on material preparation and documentation set the stage for collaborative work.

As the week progressed, participants engaged in a diverse array of activities, each offering unique insights into the cultural and environmental landscape of Jerez. Visits to the School of Art (@Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Jerez), to the Archeological Museum of Jerez de la Frontera, and to a traditional rural house where the lifestyle of wine production is still alive provided glimpses into the region’s rich heritage, while discussions with local artisans and experts shed light on contemporary challenges and opportunities.

Day 4 was dedicated to an immersive exploration of Zambomba culture, a cherished tradition in Andalusia. Participants had the privilege of interacting with master craftsmen, musicians, and authors, gaining a deeper understanding of the historical significance and cultural resonance of this art form. From lively performances to insightful discussions, the day celebrated the living heritage of Jerez and its enduring influence on contemporary artistic expression.

The weekend offered a moment of reflection and collaboration, especially during the brainstorming sessions and co-production activities that engaged the participants. Against the backdrop of the vineyards, they considered the intersections of tradition and innovation, weaving together narratives that honour the past while envisioning a sustainable future.

The final days of the workshop were marked by a sense of closure and anticipation, as participants gathered for podcast interviews, discussions on renewable energy in landscapes, and reflections on the journey thus far.

The first PALIMPSEST Residential Workshop in Jerez de la Frontera was a resounding success, a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and cultural exchange. Through a dynamic blend of artistic exploration and community engagement, Estelle Jullian discovered this rich region, forged new connections and perspectives, and matured her project.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this ongoing exploration of creativity and heritage!