On March 20th, the PALIMPSEST project was presented by Grazia Concilio during a seminar day organized as part of the NEB festival event by Politecnico di Milano. The seminar day brought together partner institutions of the NEB action in Milan, aiming to provide citizens, associations, and stakeholders involved in the transformation of the built environment with information on NEB-related initiatives in the Milan territory and to promote future actions and collaborations.

The presentation of the PALIMPSEST project was part of the session titled ‘Common Goods and Participation,’ moderated by Laura Galluzzo. Grazia Concilio, in line with the project’s concept and goals, illustrated the Milan pilot activities led by the ERSAF team (Dario Kian, Daniela Masotti, and Francesca Squadrelli) and curated by Karakorum Theater (led by Stefano Beghi).

As part of the PALIMPSEST project framework, ERSAF launched a call for creative agents to address the challenge of reducing the distance between the territory of Milan, its citizens and institutions, and the Lambro river, one of the three water courses in Milan suffering from critical environmental problems.

Gethan&Myles is the artists’ team selected among 55 proponents to join the PALIMPSEST project with their proposal titled ‘Acqua Lambro,’ promoting the future vision of clean and drinkable water for the Lambro river.

The Milan team of the PALIMPSEST project will host Gethan&Myles for one week in the second half of June for the first residential workshop. During this time, the project team will facilitate several co-creation activities to embed the ‘Acqua Lambro’ idea in the local context and engage additional stakeholders in the initiative. Stay tuned!