Dear PALIMPSEST Community,

We are thrilled to share the results of the PALIMPSEST Creative Dialogues Open Call.  It was a challenging task as the quality and creativity of the submissions we received were truly remarkable.  The selected projects exemplify innovation, creativity, and a commitment to making a positive impact on our pilot landscapes.

In light of the value and diversity of the submitted projects the jury has decided to extend the invitation to participate in the Dialogues meetings to the following proposals:

  1. Nuevo Canto de trabajo (‘New Work Song’) | Cristian Subirà | Spain
  2. We can´t eat soil, but do it| honey & bunny | Austria
  3. The Songs of Nearby Earth | Estelle Jullian | Spain
  4. From Land to Soil  | Manuel Prados | Spain
  5.  Peacegaming the Countryside | Eiland Collective | France
  • ŁÓDŹ
  1. The Urban Gardening Laboratory | Witold Szwedkowski | Poland
  2. Mona El Batrik | Mona El Batrik | Spain
  3. Mechanical Trees | Andrzej Tarasiuk | Finland
  4. WEAVERS | Weavers | Poland
  1. The River’s Tale  | Margherita Muriti | France
  2. Acqua Lambro | gethan&myles | France
  3. Reverberations of the Lambro Acoustic Heritage Collective | Spain
  4. Terrazze Incognite | Eva Andronikidou | Greece
  5. FLUMEN LAMBRO | Futurecologies |Italy

We invite you to celebrate with us and congratulate these remarkable artists, designers, and innovators who will help shape the future of PALIMPSEST.

The Creative Dialogues Meetings are just around the corner, and these talented creators will be invited to participate in these moments of discussion and co-production. This is an opportunity for them to share their artistic visions with the PALIMPSEST research team and contribute to the transformation of landscapes and communities facing environmental challenges.

For those who applied and didn’t make it this time, please know that your creative spirit and vision are essential. Keep nurturing your artistic endeavors and stay engaged with us as we continue to build a supportive community.

Let’s continue this inspiring journey together!