Creative Drivers For Sustainable Living Heritage Landscapes

παλίμψηστος < palimpsestos, ‘again’ + ‘scrape’


PALIMPSEST is an Horizon Europe funded research project that aims at regenerating the lost sustainability wisdom in heritage landscapes through co-creation with creative actors, technical stakeholders and civic society. Three pilot locations with cultural identities and environmental problems will be used to experiment and envision novel landscape scenarios.

The 3 layers of PALIMPSEST

Landscapes as
text and papyrus

PALIMPSEST aims to re-shape landscapes through co-creation of sustainable solutions that connect human actions, heritage and sustainability, using innovative practices in architecture, design, and art.

Arts, design and architecture
as re-writing practices

PALIMPSEST blends arts, design, and architecture to revive lost wisdom in heritage, promoting sustainable solutions through co-design experiments and engaging local/international cultural actors in pilot landscapes.

Sustainability transition
as a direction

PALIMPSEST revives lost wisdom to create sustainable transition landscapes through experiments in arts, design, and architecture.

Meet the Partners

10 countries, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium

Associated Partners

Project Information


36 months (2023-2026)

Start Date:
1st March 2023

End Date:
28th February 2026




The New European Bauhaus – shaping a greener and fairer way of life in creative and inclusive societies through Architecture, Design and Arts