The Palimpsest Project was presented at the annual AESOP Conference “Integrated Planning in the World of Turbulence” – Lodz, 11-15th July!

Landscapes are the privileged foci for the observation of misalignments, tensions and contradictions in the equilibria between human activities and the physical and natural spheres. It is in the evolution of landscapes that epochal systemic changes –linked, for example, to modes of production and management– become visible. It is always in the landscape that the effects of both ecological crises and territorial dynamics related to short-sighted policy and management choices materialise. Often, they appear in the form of increased vulnerability to climate risks or conflicts on the use of space and resources. 

Under this premise,  Grazia Concilo, PALIMPSEST coordinator,  introduced the challenges PALIMSEST pilot landscapes – Milan, Jerez de la Frontera and Lodz – are facing, reflecting on the resilience-building potential of individual and collective landscape-generative practices.

In the coming days, there will be important news about the co-production experiments we will launch in these three fantastic contexts… Stay tuned!