A Journey of Inspiration and Collaboration

We are excited to share news about the upcoming PALIMPSEST CREATIVE DIALOGUES Meetings, which will kick off on November 24th, 2023, marking a pivotal phase in our journey of inspiration, collaboration, and transformative exploration.

In the weeks ahead, the PALIMPSEST consortium is preparing to engage with the 14 shortlisted creative agents selected through our Open Call.

The CREATIVE DIALOGUES Meetings offer a platform to connect on a deeper level with the selected creative agents. These artists, designers, and innovators represent diverse talents and perspectives, each contributing a unique touch to the evolving PALIMPSEST narrative.

What to Expect:

During these dialogues, we aim to create an open discussion environment where ideas can flow freely, and creative energies can intermingle. Importantly, these dialogues serve as an experiment, attempting to transfer the EU procedure of the Competitive Dialogue into the research and creative world. We are curious to test whether this approach proves effective in fostering hybridization and creative design processes in frontier research.

Shaping the Future Together:

PALIMPSEST is more than a project; it’s an experiment and a collaborative journey where creativity intersects with environmental consciousness. As we come together, we anticipate that these dialogues will spark new ideas, forge connections, and set the stage for impactful collaborations that transcend disciplines and boundaries.

Stay Tuned for Updates:

We invite you to stay tuned for updates as we share insights from these dialogues, glimpses into the creative minds shaping PALIMPSEST, and unfolding stories that will contribute to transforming landscapes in a unique way.